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Attracting & Manifesting with Pyramids

Because pyramids amplify energy, they can be powerful aids in manifesting and attracting. Follow these steps to use a pyramid for attracting and manifesting something you desire.
  1. The new moon, or waxing moon are ideal times to perform this ritual. Take a few quiet moments to reflect on what you’d like to manifest, so you are clear about what it is.
  2. Write down what you’re trying to attract or manifest on a piece of paper.
  3. As you write and then place your paper under your pyramid, visualize your end goal. Continue this as you hold the pyramid in your hand for a few moments and continue to visualize what you’d like to attract and manifest.
  4. Place any additional herbs or crystals under your pyramid that you feel would amplify your desire.
  5. After you’ve placed your paper and any other objects under the pyramid take a moment to thank the pyramid, the Universe, Goddess, or end with any closing sentiments that express gratitude.
  6. Your altar will be a good resting place for your pyramid, but anywhere that you’ll see it regularly will work.
  7. Make contact with your pyramid daily. Hold it, place your hand over it, or simply look at it at least once a day.
  8. Keep your pyramid on top of your wish and magic items until your dreams are manifested or you feel it’s time to move on.

Pyramid Meditation
Meditating while holding a pyramid in your hands or with one on your head can have powerful effects on your mental state and psychic abilities. Try it for your next meditation and see for yourself!

The ancient Egyptians loved pyramids. Pyramids were used for many reasons, all of which were celestial. Among others, pyramids were believed to open portals to other world. It is absolutely perfect for meditation and to reflect on your one self.

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